An Outbound Domain Sales Walkthrough

Outbound domain sales are a popular means of creating a revenue without having to wait for a buyer to come to you. Consisting of finding a suitable owner for a domain and then contacting them directly, outbound sales is typically done via email or phone to a targeted group of individuals or companies. Usually, an outbound domain sales process will involve research via Google, LinkedIn and other services, followed by crafting a sales letter and sending a personalized email

Search Engines
Starting at square one, you’ll need to find suitable companies to send your domain name to. Depending on your domain, you may end up with just a handful of leads, or you may have 20-30 qualified leads. My first step would be to Google the keyword(s) that make up the domain. To get results that use your exact keywords use quotation marks when you search.
If your domain name is a desirable name, and many companies are using variations on that name, it may be advisable to contact them, to see if they are interested in upgrading their name.

Finding the Right Contact

The general rule is that for small to medium companies, the CEO or founder is often the best person to contact. For larger companies, finding a lower level employee with direct association with a key decision maker is often your best chance. To find the right contact, firstly visit the company website, as email addresses or key contacts can often be found there (hint: try not to contact a generic “info@” email address). If an email address isn’t found there, you can use LinkedIn to search for a specific company employee. If LinkedIn fails, a Google search, such as “[company name] CEO” may help you.

Sending Emails

Send out emails individually, keeping each email personalized. Use the recipient’s name and their company name within the email. Keep emails as short as possible at just a couple of lines. Sales email is usually no longer than three sentences, but it should portray what is being sold. The email will not contain a price, however if a person is interested, they’ll always reply with “How Much?” – at which point, you can open a discussion about a price

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