Domains are real addresses-Chinese Government

Interestingly Chinese government has treated Domain address equal to a physical address.

“A recent announcement by the Chinese government has changed the concept of a domain. It’s not only an address to build your store, it can also be used as an official address to register your business.

On January 1 this year, the Chinese government introduced a law which allows small ecommerce merchants to use their domain as the official address when applying for a “Business License for Individual Industrial and Commercial Household” (个体工商户营业执照). This is good news for the 65 million small merchants in China. Many of these merchants do not operate any store in the physical world but their entire business exists in the digital world. So, it is natural to use a digital address for a digital business.

According to Chinese news media, Ms. Fang WANG became the first ecommerce merchant on January 9 to acquire a business license based on this new law. The license lists the domain as the official address for operating an online business to provide wholesale, retail, and servicing activities of electronic products. The domain is already operating, and you can actually see a copy of the business license at the bottom of its home page.

This new law indicates a change in the traditional thinking that a business must exist at a physical address. No more! Now you can open a store at an address in the digital world without any concern for your physical location. Since the internet is global by its very nature, your store becomes global on day one. Therefore, when you name your business, make sure it is easy to pronounce and remember for the global audience.”

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