Is Domain Trading based on pure luck


Domaining is definitely not based on pure luck.

Domain Names are anything you want them to be. A tool. A collectible. A cheap investment. A high priced investment. A beautiful piece of art. A piece of crap. Something that makes you laugh. Something that makes you cry. A liquid fast trade. A long term generational valuable retirement asset, etc.

Buying and selling of domain names is one of the most complex things you can do.How you are playing the game shows the true talent.

Do you have patience? Do you want to renew that domain year after year? Do you have the money to renew that domain year after year? Do you do outbound sales? Do you wait for inbounds only and have the upper edge on that sale? Do you use a broker to sell that name? Do you pay for some marketing to push the sale of your name? Did you buy correctly, at a wholesale level? Or did you buy at a retail level/end user price? How badly do you need that money invested in your domains today?

All of these factors come into play when domaining. None of those involve luck. Its knowledge, passion, intuition and financials.

does not exist in domaining. If it did, i guarantee, that person who relied on a pure luck sale once or twice is broke as hell now.

Some people were "lucky" to have discovered domaining 25-30 years ago when all the good names were available for cheap. Some domainers were not born then or were too young to have participated! But in general, domaining needs a lot of hard work. You need to interact with other domainers and really need to spend the money when necessary. That said, some domainers are naturally more talented at spotting great names than others and there isn't much anyone can do about it.

Its just like any other investment business, buy low sell top. Domaining is a combination of several factors like
o Intrinsic value of the domain(3 letter, 4 letter)
o End user value of a domain
o Pricing strategy
o Holding period
o Working capital levels
o Inflation
o Recession
o Bid-Ask spread

In order to optimize luck one needs to have "make sense". For example, if one  bought a bitcoin domain five years ago. :xf.grin:

It could be argued that there is luck involved in every business deal that's ever happened. Learning, practicing, experimenting, and repeating is a good way to increase your "luck" in any business including the domain business

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  1. I have hundreds of domain names (especially food-related, travel-related and cannabis-related) for sale and would dearly appreciate any input as to how best to get the word out there to relevant buyers. Many thanks! – Russell Travis []

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