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Do you own a domain name? There are more than 340 million domain names registered worldwide. Hundreds of millions of people own a domain, but very few understand the true power of domain names and the potential value they bring to their businesses. In short: Domain names are like real estate. Snag a great plot, and it can add millions to the value of your property.

Maybe you do recognize the power of domain names, but can’t quite make sense of the opaque and confusing industry, such as...

  • How do you “crack the code” to contact domain name owners and get a real response;
  • How to know when an asking price is unreasonable, or if you're leaving money on the table when you sell;
  • What the optimal marketplace is to maximize profit; and
  • How to act with integrity when dealing with intellectual property issues.

The articles will help you to locate sellers, land the best deal possible, sell for maximum profit, or acquire the best domain name and defensive registrations for your brand

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