Selling Domain names on eBay

eBay has had a section on their website where you can sell domain names. eBay is not what comes to mind when one think about domain names. With that being said domain names are for sale on eBay every day. It just depends on the popularity of the name and of course ebay does have the traffic.

On eBay people are looking for bargains. This doesn’t mean you’re going to be able to sell your most high-value domain names there. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use eBay to sell domain names.

It’s imperative that you actually know how much your domain name is worth. To be quite honest with you there’s a lot of sites out there that give you in inaccurate figures on your domain names worth.

Therefore going to is the most reliable way to check your domain names worth (at a glance). The IRS (Internal revenue service) actually uses this site to appraise domain names.  It’s important to note that the Estibot value isn’t set in stone. EstiBot relies on a statistically derived model to calculate the value of a domain name based on over one hundred internal and external domain attributes. The model is updated continuously to reflect the latest market trends.

Internal attributes include domain length, extension, word count, pronunciation and other characteristics directly linked to a specific domain. External attributes refer to third party data such as a domain’s search popularity, type-in rank. age and much more. The characteristics of a specific domain name are then compared to those of previously sold domain names and the valuation is based on that comparison. Just studying what other people are doing when they sell their domain names can give you a huge advantage. You can look through successful sellers and their last soul domain names and just kind of mimic whatever they’re doing.

eBay listing duration

eBay usually has a seven-day auction. One can do a 10-day auction, but it will cost more. Whatever you have your domain name valued at make sure you sell it for less than half of what it’s worth. Start an auction at $500 or $600 for the domain name if it is valued at $1,000. At the time of writing this eBay allows you to list 50 auctions per month for free. There’s really no rhyme or reason to when domain names are going to sell on eBay. You might have to list it multiple times. You could list it for 30 days with a “buy it now price” of about 50 to 60% of what it’s appraised for. Do keep in mind that people are looking for bargains on eBay so your only selling it to liquidate your domain names you don’t want.

Listing Times

Listing times are very important on eBay.  Like any auction website (like Flippa) you want your auction in front of as many people as possible.  So, for listings create them on Sunday or Saturday,

For a fee, you can feature your listing on eBay. This does cost you $49. Create a mini website for the domain name. eBay isn’t a go-to strategy for selling domain names. Simce most people are looking for bargains on eBay, if you have a handful of domain names that you’ve held onto for a while and want to sell them for a reduced price I usually will post them on eBay. However, purchasing domain names on eBay is recommended if you would like to hold onto them or sell them on other auction sites.



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